Nineteen Sixty Three • • • 1963

A Nineteen Sixty Three road trip through America

Adam Hayden and Bobby Griffis are committed to an extra year at Titus Highschool because of serious choices they had made when registering for their final year. It just didn’t seem fair.
As they begin their fourth year of high school, the pressures of being there, mounts. They muse about a fantasy escape to Florida — a road trip. Adam’s old Volkswagen, they are certain, could make the trip. They have a few dollars in their pocket, a total of thirty-seven. They have a friend in Florida they could visit as an excuse to make the trip. Just thinking about it is an emotional release, but they know it’s just a pipe dream.
The more they joke about it, the more their enthusiasm develops. A chance, unexpected nudge by a school acquaintance pushes the possibility even closer. The trip just might become a reality.
It’s a fun read—a Tom Sawyer adventure, filled with — police encounters — racial conflicts — murder — jail time — and more of the experiences one can expect on an escapade into the racially plagued American south of nineteen sixty-three.
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