Nineteen Sixty Three • • • 1963

A Nineteen Sixty Three road trip through America

A story of two young men in an emotional struggle, having to spend an extra year in high school. The frustration of seeing their friends advance into a new life in university while they remained behind was most difficult.
It was not long after the school year began that the pressures of their plight overtook their rationale. They began musing about a fantasy road trip to visit a friend in Florida. They were sure that Adam’s old Volkswagen could survive the trip from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada to Orlando, Florida. They had a few dollars in their pockets — thirty-seven to be exact — almost enough. If they could scrape together a few more, they’d probably have enough. Just thinking about it was an emotional release, but would they really take the plunge.
The more they joked about it, the more the enthusiasm grew. Then, an unexpected meeting with a school friend pushed them over the edge. The trip was about to become a reality.

It’s a fun read—a Tom Sawyer adventure, into the racially plagued American south of 1963, filled with — police encounters — racial conflicts — murder — jail time — and more. A lifetime of memories . . . if they survive.

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