Nineteen Sixty Three

A Nineteen Sixty Three — A travel adventure novel. 

In the fall of 1963, Adam Hayden and Bobby Griffis are reluctantly committed to a fourth year at Titus Highschool —a full year’s delay before they can attend University. They’re feeling trapped—too adult for high school.

Only a few weeks into the school year,  they make a precarious decision—albeit, not their first.
Book Cover for Nineteen Sixty Three

During a game of billiards on a Friday afternoon, Bobby suggests they take a road trip to Florida. They have a car—Bobby’s old VW—a few dollars in their pockets and some misdirected enthusiasm. They even have a reason to go—to visit a close friend who is attending a conference in Orlando.

Just thinking about it was an emotional release. But the more they talked about it, their enthusiasm grew. A slight nudge was all they’d need.
It’s a fun read—a Tom Sawyer/Huckleberry Finn type of adventure, of life threatening experiences, new friendships and rewarding experiences.

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