Nineteen Sixty Three • • • 1963

A Nineteen Sixty Three road trip through America

Adam Hayden and Bobby Griffis are committed to an extra year at Titus Highschool because of a serious choice they made the previous year — what should have been their final year.
Under the pressures of their situation, they begin musing about an escape to Florida — a road trip. Adam has a Volkswagen that they are certain could make the trip. They have a few dollars in their pocket, thirty-seven to be exact. They even have a friend in Florida they could visit. Just thinking about it is an emotional release, but they know it’s just a pipe dream.
The more they joke about it, however, the more their enthusiasm evolves. A slight nudge by a school acquaintance and the trip could become a reality.
It’s a fun read—a Tom Sawyer adventure, surrounded in — police encounters — racial conflicts — murder — jail time — and more of the daily experiences one can expect on an escapade into the racially plagued American south of 1963.
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